Nano-Oxides has particular expertise in the synthesis and post- processing of nano-oxide powders. Nanosize oxide powders for such cutting edge applications as coatings and nano-porous membranes are under development. Collaboration for the development of nano-products, contract research and custom development in response to market requirements are of prime interest.

The patented technology that Nano-Oxides uses has the following advantages over conventional methods of nanosize powder synthesis:
  • Simple, inexpensive process and equipment
  • Readily scalable for mass production
  • Complex, custom powders can be made
  • Highly controllable particle size
  • Narrow size distribution
  • Environment friendly process
Nano-Oxides has an active research team that is continuously innovating and seeking new applications in areas such as catalysis, transparent functional coatings, and nano-porous layers for sensors and membranes.

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We are now offering Super-Fine and Fine Powders in addition to our Current Nano-Powders for Cerium Oxide! CLICK HERE to see Details

Nano-Oxides Inc. is now offering Powder Processing Services

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