Barium Titanate

Molecular formula: BaTiO3

Barium titanate is an oxide of barium and titanium with the chemical formula BaTiO3. It is a ferroelectric ceramic material, with a photorefractive effect and piezoelectric properties. It has four phases as a solid, listing from high temperature to low temperature: cubic, tetragonal, orthorhombic, and rhombohedral crystal structure. All of the structures exhibit the ferroelectric effect except cubic.

 19-025  Barium Titanate - 25g  Nano-Powder  $116.00  
 19-050  Barium Titanate - 50g  Nano-Powder  $210.00  
 19-100  Barium Titanate - 100g  Nano-Powder  $401.00  
 19-250  Barium Titanate - 250g  Nano-Powder  $952.00  

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