Samarium doped Cerium Oxide

Molecular formula: Ce0.8Sm0.2O2-x

Substituting a fraction of the Cerium Oxide ceria with samarium will introduce oxygen vacancies in the crystal without adding electronic charge carriers. This increases the ionic conductivity and results in a better electrolyte.

 12-025  SDC - Oxide - 25g  Nano-Powder  $148.00  
 12-050  SDC - Oxide - 50g  Nano-Powder  $269.00  
 12-100  SDC - Oxide - 100g  Nano-Powder  $512.00  
 12-250  SDC - Oxide - 250g  Nano-Powder  $1217.00  

NOTE: Production time is approximately 3-weeks on this item.

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